The Canadian Screen Awards 2017

Angry Bytes provides the voting platform for Canada’s most prestigious Entertainment Awards!

The Canadian Screen Awards is an annual award show, broadcasted live on Canada’s television network CBC.
Awards are given for categories such as Digital Media, Film and Television, which makes this event Canada’s Oscars and Emmy’s all in one: a very prestigious award for Canadian filmmakers and entertainers.

For some categories the fans get to decide the winner in a number of voting rounds. This year people got to vote for the Fan’s Choice Award and the Social Innovator Award.
Our client wanted every Canadian to have the possibility to cast their vote, so they needed a voting platform that’s capable and effective. We provided them with our voting tool and tailored it to their needs, providing the client with an easy method of collecting votes and managing nominees.
For the first rounds of eliminations votes were collected through the website of the client.
In the last stage of voting, the public was able to use hashtags on Twitter and Facebook to cast their votes. Our voting platform collected both the website votes as well as the hashtags and provided a simple way to monitor all the voting.

The Canadians definitely took the opportunity to vote for their favorite actors and social innovators: with an unprecedented amount of votes, both the award categories were immensely supported by their fans.
Users were also able to complement the list of nominees with their own suggestions, which was handled by our ABC Manager.
The voters added thousands of their own suggestions to the list of nominees for the Fan’s Choice and Social Innovator Awards, making this project a huge success when it comes to involving the public at home.

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