BNNVARA Academy 2017/2018

This year BNNVARA is once again looking for fresh talent with the help of our ABC Manager.

Twice a year the BNNVARA Academy looks for new talent to deploy their youthful and socially critical tv shows. The freshly recruited talent will be part of a work-study program for half a year, dedicating themselves to popular Dutch tv shows such as Spuiten & Slikken, Pauw, and Kassa. The available positions are both in front and behind the scenes, for both tv shows as well as radio programs and digital content.
Every time a new round of the Academy starts and various vacancies open, thousands of motivated, mostly young media professionals take their chance at one of the highly desired spots in the popular network’s work-study program.

For the third year in a row, BNNVARA Academy uses our custom made tool selecting potential candidates. Angry Bytes’ ABC Manager significantly takes down the workload without affecting the results.
Applicants have the opportunity to apply to their vacancy of choice on the BNNVARA Academy website, our tool allows BNNVARA to gather their basic personal information, resumes and other related files and implement custom, position-specific questions in the form.
For each application, colleagues can work together and make notes, rate the applicant and eventually give the okay to advance an applicant to the next round of selections.
When invited to the Talent Day applicants are given the opportunity to audition for the job of their choice.
This way our tool is applicable throughout the whole process: from the beginning to the end, even on Talent Day, BNNVARA Academy uses it to narrow down to the contestants that are most suitable for the job.

Last year our tool brought forward 21 talented media professionals, chosen from a total of over 7500 applicants. The tool is also used for the continuous recruitment at BNNVARA.

If you want a demo of this tool, or find out how ABC Manager can offer a solution for you, feel free to contact us!

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