Read up on what keeps Angry Bytes busy and maybe you will even learn a thing or two.

A completely transformed back-end for NH Media!

ABC Manager 6 and a solid API for NH and AT5's websites and apps.

Nacht van de Popmuziek 2017

Get interactive with Nacht van de Popmuziek! 

Voting for the Televizier Ring 2017

Angry Bytes delivered a custom voting tool for Holland's most prestigious television prize.

Canadian Country Music Association Awards 2017

Angry Bytes delivered a custom platform collecting web-based and social votes.

ABC Manager update

ABC Manager 6 is ready for action whenever you are! 
A beta version will be available to our customers in September.

Talpa Radio corporate website

A solid API and our ABC Manager as content hub for Talpa Radio’s Corporate website.

The Canadian Screen Awards 2017

Angry Bytes provides the voting platform for Canada’s most prestigious Entertainment Awards!

BNNVARA Academy 2017/2018

This year BNNVARA is once again looking for fresh talent with the help of our ABC Manager.

Keuringsdienst van Waarde Quiz

We provided the Keuringsdienst van Waarde with our second screen application: Play Now!

Angry Bytes @ SXSW

Experience Play Now! during live Panna Knock-out matches!

BNN-VARA in 2016

2016 was a good year for the BNN-VARA platforms powered by our ABC Manager!

Barts Media Run

Angry Bytes is proud to support Barts Media Run for the Bart de Graaff Foundation!

Quickest Quiz

Second screen application for the Quickest Quiz. 

Nationale 2016 Test

Play Now! second screen platform used for Nationale 2016 Test.

Bureau Sport Test

We provided Bureau Sport Test with Play Now! for second screen interactivity.

Nationale Wetenschapsquiz

We provided the Nationale Wetenschapsquiz with our second screen application: Play Now!

Radio 538

ABC Manager as content hub for Radio 538’s website.

De Gouden RadioRing 2016

We provided the Gouden RadioRing awards, the Emmy’s of Dutch radio shows with our ABC Manager.

BNN Members

BNN’s member page is powered by our ABC Manager.

De Nacht van de Popmuziek

Second screen interactivity for De Nacht van de Popmuziek.

Studio Snugger

We provided second screen functionality for this high energy kids show with our Play Now! platform.

Increased interactivity is coming to a TV near you (aided by global collaboration)

America has always been a leader in the world of television. In 1923, Ohio-born inventor Charles Francis Jenkins was one of the first to successfully transmit moving silhouette images.

50th Televizier Ring

For the fifth year in a row, we've provided the second screen voting application for Holland's most prestigious television prize.

VARA's 'De Strijd'

Dive into the history of the Dutch Working Class.

Radio 538

The first installment on their new ABC Manager platform: 538’s best amateur football club in the Netherlands.

Junior Eurovision 2015

We created the second screen interactivity for this years' Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

MetMichiel Best Of...

3FM turns 50 this year and one of its headline shows MetMichiel is celebrating this special birthday by giving their listeners an opportunity to compose their own ‘Soundtrack of their life’.

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